System Features

  • Combined base for vacuum or anchor fixing
  • 4 Adjustment screws for perpendicular drilling
  • 2 Support arms for extra rigidity
  • Built-in spirit levels
  • Torsion-resistant aluminium column for drilling up to 45˚
  • Jack screw for clamping against the ceiling
  • Motor gear box with integrated oil pump for continuous lubrication
  • External water supply for wet drilling
  • Drill-hole centre indicator for accurate drilling

Stand Features

  • Combined base for vacuum or anchor fixing
  • Quick-acting motor connection
  • Ceiling jack on top of column
  • 2 Built-in spirit levels and 4 adjustment screws for perpendicular drilling
  • Drill-hole centre indicator, drilling depth indicator for accurate drilling
  • Carrying handle
  • Support arms for optimal fixation

Model RB-3W Motor Features

  • Suitable for dry or wet drilling, freehand drilling or drilling from the stand
  • Freehand dry drilling in brickwork up to 162 mm; freehand wet drilling in concrete up to 82 mm, wet drilling up to 162 mm with the stand
  • Regulation of waterflow located on the handle, for optimal control during handheld wet drilling operation
  • Tool-free quick-acting fixation of machine to the stand
  • Overload indicator (LED) gives visual feedback while drilling
  • Gearbox with integrated oil pump for continuous lubrication
  • Torque used for drilling adjusts itself according to selected gear
  • Supplied in a metal carrying case
  • External water seals for easy replacement
  • Water supply is physically separated from dust exhaust & rest of the machine, ensuring improved tool life and increased user safety


Stand Technical Specifications

Max. capacity162 mm

Max. depth of feed540 mm

Drilling angleUp to 45°

Delivered with rubber seal for vacuum base

Dimensions of stand (L x W x H)480 mm x 280 mm x 995 mm

Stand weight30 1/2 lbs (13,8 kg)

Motor Technical Specifications

Motor1.900 W, 3 speed (450 / 1250 / 2700 RPM)

Spindle1⁄2" BSP (M)

Adaptor1⁄2" BSP (F) to 1/2" BSP (F) included

Combi adaptor 1⁄2" BSP (F) to 1⁄2" BSP (F) & 1 1⁄4" UNC (M) included

Use of dust extractor (Cat. No. 68416) recommended when drilling dry

Mechanical protection clutch

Full-wave electronics with soft start, mechanical and thermal protection

Long connection cable with integrated user protection (PRCD)

Replaceable carbon brushes

Tool Weight13 1/2 lbs. (6,1 kg)

RB-3W Drilling System